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Juno Jump

Juno Jump is an endless High-score challenge Platformer. Using a simple 1-touch control scheme, jump your way through endless platforms, while avoiding obstacles and collecting Candy for score. Beat the challenge score to level up, increasing the challenge evermore! Compete with your friends for the highest score and the highest level.
FEATURES: - Endless randomly generated platforms and obstacles - Highly challenging and intense - Four Power-ups to activate - Easy to learn, hard to master - Prize spinner. Win Power-ups and Gems - Simple and tight controls - Leaderboards - Free to play!
HOW TO PLAY: - Press and hold anywhere to charge Jump Power; Release to Jump! - Jump to land safely on the next platform - Collect Candy to recharge Jump Energy and to gain Score - Avoid hazards and time Jumps onto moving Platforms - Get the target Score to Level Up!